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Being a touristic destination, the Maltese Islands, namely, Malta, Gozo & Comino, do offer accommodation that suits everyone’s budget! Like any other country in the world, hotels are classified as 1 Star, 2 Stars, 3 Stars, 4 Stars and 5 Stars, with the 5 Star being the most luxury one. There are rumors there is a 6 Star Hotel in the pipeline but there isn’t any specific details of this as yet!

In general, all hotels are clean but, surely, the higher the star the better you’ll find the quality of cleanliness is! There aren’t any 1 Star hotels on the island but one does find a number of 2 Star Hotels, especially in those areas where are usually first checked by tourists, that is Valletta & Sliema. One finds quite a number of 3 & 4 Stars spread out throughout all the islands while the 5 Stars are mostly found in the Capital City, Valletta, and in the main entertainment area, namely St. Julians, Paceville. If one is looking for luxury but at the same time away from these busy area, one can opt for a hotel that is found just on the 2nd main sandy beach, namely Golden Bay, or on the sister island Gozo in San Lawrenz.

If you’re looking for a budget accommodation, one needs to look for a 2 or maximum 3 Star Hotel. 4 Star hotels prices tend to be on the high side, even though, when compared to other European countries, they’re quite reasonably priced! Same are the 5 Star Hotels. There’s a number of hotels, starting from 4 Stars, that form part of a world famous chain / franchise, namely Riu, Relais & Chateau, Westin, Hilton, Radisson, Barcelo, etc. Service never lacks in all Malta hotels but, in these hotels, one can feel that little bit of difference.

With the sea and beaches visible from almost every part of the island, it’s not hard to find a hotel that is just on or opposite the sea. Being so small, the islands, it’s quite easy to stay in some other located hotels but still enjoy that bit of a view! Some do not only offer views of the sea but also enjoy some breath-taking country views.

You’re not sure which hotel is good for you? You’re in doubt which area would be best? Heard so much bad reviews about a certain hotel? Don’t worry about that! The reason behind why we don’t have an online booking engine is simple, we want to be closer to our customers and suggest a particular hotel and area based on their requirements!!

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