Strategically located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea are The Maltese Islands! The Maltese Islands are made up of 3 islands, namely Malta, Gozo & Comino! Malta is the biggest and most populated country in between the 3, followed by Gozo and then Comino. With an average population of approx 420,000, the Maltese Islands are surely one of the smallest civilized islands around the globe.

The islands offer a bit of everything and this is why they’re so popular as a tourist destination! They’re safe, quiet but at the same time able to find some good nightlife, green, modern, surrounded by sea and, above all, so rich in history. With the first remains dating to around 5200 B.C. & the number of colonies these Islands were under, it’s surely is a paradise to history lovers!!


The 1st human beings known to be on the islands where in 5200 B.C. The temples found on the islands are known to have been build around 3200 B.C. First invasion of the Bronze Age people was around 2000 B.C and with the first colonisation is known to have been by the Phoenicians in 800 B.C. Since then, the islands have been under the Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantine, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Angevins & Aragonese. Following these colonizations, the Order of the Knights of St John arrived in Malta but it wasn’t long after that Malta ended up taken over again, this time by the Turks, French & after the British!

The Maltese Islands, under the British, have seen numerous positive changes, however, the people still wished Independence and they did in fact ended up fighting for it! A self-government was formed and later got full Independence within the British Commonwealth in 1964! Malta become Republic in 1974 and in 2004 it formed part of the European Union. Today, it also uses the single European currency, the Euro!


Being an island, the Maltese Islands are surrounded by sea and consequently are a paradise to all sea lovers and, even more, those who love so much any kind of water sports! All kind of water sports are available through the numerous companies organising such activities, whether windsurfing, water skiing, jet ski, kayaking, sailing, yachting, paragliding, etc etc! You name it and it’s available!

But what else do these islands has to offer? Love going out for some nice walks? What do you like most? Walks by the sea or on the beach? Practically every coast on the island offers some nice views along with good surroundings! Fancy going out for some good nightlife? Paceville, St Julians is the place to go to! There’s numerous bars, nightclubs, discotheques, cinemas, casinos, etc.There’s no island that can offer whatever the Maltese Islands has to offer you!


If you’re on the Maltese Islands during during summer, then it’s a must you go to one of the village festa there are every single week! With the shipwreck of St Paul’s, Malta has since then became quite catholic. The majority of the Maltese are Roman Catholics and they practice religion so much! During these village festa, they gather to thank their patron saint, light up their churches, run with their statues and also organise some fireworks to celebrate the eve of the actual day of the festa itself! It’s a must you join in and view the beautiful fireworks displays every weekend! Ground and aerial fireworks will be on show!

I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the Maltese Islands and the Maltese! People are so friendly!