Where To Spend The Winter Holidays

When one thinks of winter holidays, immediately the mind thinks of snow, cold weather and Christmas markets. The skiing enthusiast wait all year round, for the snow to come and enjoy their holiday on the snow.

If you are not a skiing enthusiast but still love winter, then many European countries offer what you are looking for. However, if you do not like the cold weather, then you can opt for warmer countries. There are perfect winter holidays in Europe for everyone.

If you are looking for cold weather and snow but not necessarily skiing Europe offers various destinations. Think about bobsleighing in Norway to ballet in Russia. Why not stay in a cave hotel in Turkey? In Slovenia one can enjoy exploring the landscape around Lake Bled once you put on warm clothes and your snowshoes.

Winter fairy tale
If you are looking for adventure in your winter holiday, then Greenland is the place for you. Discover the glaciers and stay at a camp on the outskirts of Kangerlussuag, where the temperature can go down to -30C.

If travelling around the Christmas festivities then Lapland is the place for you! Here you can completely immerse yourself in magic of Christmas. However, Kiruna – Lapland offers more than just the magic of Christmas. In January there is a snow festival, and the old Customs House is open for guests in October as the Hotel Arctic Eden. During your stay you can enjoy sledging and snowmobiling.

If your winter holidays have to include skiing, think about European countries like Switzerland, Norway or Northern Italy. Immerse yourself in the postcard scenery of white covered mountains, trees and streets. During the day, you can enjoy skiing whilst in the afternoon, after having lunch in a warm restaurant, one can enjoy some shopping in the center of the village until time for dinner. The skiing resorts around Europe offer many facilities, from charming self-catering chalet’s to the most amazing spas . If you are not a skiing expert, one can still enjoy the snow by doing sledging or even snowboarding. Whatever one chooses, your body will feel the effects at the end of the day. To get you back in shape for the next day treat yourself with a luxury chalet that is complete with a hot tub. Doesn’t this sound like a good suggestion for perfect winter holidays in Europe?

Perfect escape

There is something for the ones who don’t enjoy the cold weather and the snow. So for those who want summer all year long, there are many other countries with warmer temperature and exotic sights. Whilst in Europe everyone is shivering in the cold weather, you can enjoy yourself in clear crystal waters and white beaches. You would go back home with a tan and would be the envy of your colleagues. You can have perfect winter holidays in Europe even without snow.

Unlike summer, winter holidays can be short, but one must make the maximum out of it. Enjoy your break in one of the European cities and if you are lucky you can enjoy some snow in the city too. During the winter months and the festive season, the best holidays would be either skiing or visiting cities with great Christmas markets.